Compass Digital Work Instructions software

Work Instruction Software

The Compass electronic work instructions are designed to engage your operators in a standardized, step-by-step process have them directly interact with the screen. Your operators will know the exact materials, tools, setup details, and even their average build times for every unit. Capture and display tribal knowledge.

Station Setup

Walk your operators through intricate setup details

Provide visual instructions for preparing a station or equipment

Confirm tools needed prior to starting a job

Verify your operators have exact material quantities

Electronic work instructions station setup

Alerts & Warnings

Auto-Pause when operators walk away from their station

Notify your operators when they deviate from their process

Send text messages when assistance is needed

Automated “Scheduled Break” alerts

Electronic work instruction warnings

Machine Status

Know when equipment is In-Cycle, Idle, or E-Stopped

Contact leads or supervisors when a machine is in E-Stop

Measure productivity of operators during automated machining steps

Collect data integrating machine status and operator actions

Electronic work instructions Machine Monitoring

Station Setup

Alerts & Warnings

Machine Status

Machine Monitoring Work Instruction Software

Machine Monitoring

Skilled labor is hard to find, and it is rare to have an employee know how to run multiple types of machines. Through our Compass work instruction software, operators are provided with visual step-by-step setup instructions - displaying critical process tribal knowledge.

Be confident your operators are provided the necessary information to setup and use your equipment. While doing so, with the use of Tracker, you will accurately be able to measure your equipment effectiveness.

Gain Operator Buy-In

You obtain valuable data only when your operators are following a standard process. Give them the tools to minimize their downtime.

Visual Work Instructions in multiple languages

Speak their language

Compass will automatically convert step instruction text into the Operator’s language of choice. Right now instructions can be displayed in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, German, Italian, and Czech...with more to come.

Lean Manufacturing software providing operator immediate assistance

Immediate Assistance

We’ve developed an interactive “pause” screen giving Operators the ability to alert contacts via text or email. They can get assistance without ever leaving their workstation.

Use Your Data

Communication is the most important element in team-building. Companies that inspire positive relationships are far more productive. This is why Scout Systems put so much effort into making the collected data in our work instruction software transparent to both operators and management.

Operator’s abilities are only limited by the tools they aren’t given. Use the information gathered by Compass to invest in better equipment, tooling, and environmental conditions.

Manufacturing software data

Engaging With Compass

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