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Benefits of Going Paperless

Benefits of Going Paperless

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In the traditional manufacturing facility, instructions are often laminated pieces of paper that are either hung or held in a binder. When revisions occur, each of those instructions must be destroyed and updated, and there is no record of how many copies have been made and where they might be located. Some manufacturers hesitate moving to a paperless world, as they tend to think of the costs associated with a new process, rather than the costs associated with their current process.

To print and laminate an 11 x 17” instruction document in color will cost $0.76. In my experience, instructions are usually crammed into 3 pages per station. Traveling work orders in a paper format tend to be 8.5 x 11” in black & white, so those are cheaper, about $0.10 to print. However, if a plant is printing traveling work orders, the daily quantity is in the hundreds, if not thousands.

Manufacturing Example


Let’s assume that the average operator works 225 days per year, sees 10 work orders per day, 50 unique units per year, and of those units, 10% of them have a revision change. The paper costs associated with that 1 operator would then tally approximately $350 per year. This does not take into account the time the operator spends searching for documentation, revision errors, or the costs of trash/recycling.

Benefits of a Digital Work Instructions


Paper instructions and traveling work orders are as relevant as navigating a city with a paper map. Technology is constantly becoming less expensive and far more powerful. Instant benefits of convert to digital work instructionsinclude:

  • Requires no paper
  • Collects production data
  • Instant revision control
  • Language translation
  • Provides live-time production status
  • Enforces standard processes

Scout System’s technology can rapidly get your facility to a paperless state, and their technicians will work with you and your staff in-person to help establish the necessary cultural buy-in to make it a successful project change. Most customers see a return on their investment in under 1 year. Then the savings are on-going. Visit Scout Systems today and schedule a demo to see the digital work instructions yourself.


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