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Trustworthy Manufacturing KPIs

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Get Trustworthy Production KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are useful metrics to evaluate your operators and process. How can you ever improve if you do not know how well you perform? Though a great difficulty in measuring KPIs is that they often can negatively impact your staff’s performance. The typical story is that management wants more information and then tasks their staff to fill out more reports, but this takes time away from them to do the tasks they are hoping to measure. Alternatively, management will create new positions in which the full function of the job is to record, organize, and present the metrics observed. This person cannot be everywhere, so they inevitably have errors in their data collection.

It is important that your KPIs are accurate, not only for the evaluation of one’s operation, but equally important (if not more) is the impact on morale. If your management set targets that were unobtainable, how good would you feel if everyday you failed?

Another common mistake is not collecting enough metrics to tell a story. For instance imagine 2 operators, Mary and Mike. They are both working on a work order that consists of 100 units. Mary is making a part that has 3 tasks whereas Mike is making a part that has 2. Because of the difference of complexity, Mike is able to finish his task an hour before Mary and can start on the next work order. At the end of the day, if “units built” was the only metric recorded it would look as if Mike outperformed Mary. Just the same if “work orders completed” was the other metric, Mike would continue to look like the better worker.

Scout Systems started as a visual work instruction software company, demand added the ability to do machine monitoring, and further demand ultimately evolved the technology into an all-encompassing manufacturing plant monitoring system. The enormous amount of live-time, highly accurate data gives us the ability to provide customers with the most accurate KPIs on the market.

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With minimal effort customers can select an operator and date range, and instantly see all work performed, where the time was spent, and the quality of the finished goods. Thanks to our Proximity Sensors (which are free) the away-from-cell time is incredibly accurate. Users can review the machine utilization, the average productivity rate of all operators, and much more from the Reporting Application.

Manufacturing plant monitoring has never been easier, as accurate, or as affordable as it is with Scout Systems. Installation and hardware is free and ROI is measured in days. Send me a message, or visit Scout Systems and send us a message to start the conversation.


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