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Product Tracing with Unit Identifiers

Product Tracing with Unit Identifiers

Software Updates   /   Feb 6th, 2020   /  A+ | a-

Track Critical Products

Have you ever had a customer claim you made a defect but you were suspicious of the claim? What if you had the ability to prove whether the defect was possible or not? There's a very powerful tracking feature available in Designer - it's called Unit Identifier. If you're not familiar with this, it's quite easy to add to step instructions. When you create text instructions for any step you can assign this input type.

Your operators will be met with a form field requiring they identify the specific unit (ie. product name, number, serial ID, etc). Adding this form of tracking allows our system to "tag" the particular unit being built - including all steps and other input elements associated to it's construction. This means you now have a way to pull up the relevant data associated to these Unit Identifiers. 

New Report - Unit Identifier

After your Operators enter the Unit Identifier value during the step instructions for their work order, you're able to go into HQ Reporting to see verified inputs for that unit.

Results of your search will show the specific Work Order, Unit Name, and even the Step Name associated with the input request. Along with the Unit Identifier, other input types such as measurements or checkbox requirements will be shown. You can see who was required to verify the inputs and on what day it was done.

You now have a historical trace for quality assurance or for defect tracking. Now when your customer calls you can show them exactly the quality elements required to complete their specific Unit.


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