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Live Production is Even MORE Powerful

Live Production is Even MORE Powerful

Software Updates   /   Sep 13th, 2019   /  A+ | a-
As manufacturers migrate to a digital factory, it is often that management can become excited and want to see more data and more dashboards. How can you blame them? Imagine finally becoming a factory where everything is digital, tools or machines are integrated with work instructions, software platforms are integrated and sending information back and forth - it is only natural to want to know how far one can dream. You find yourself in a meeting with management and they are asking, "How do we take things to the next level?". While everyone else is scratching their heads, you are ready....

Real-Time Production Data.... EVERYWHERE!

How about increased visibility, and while you're at it, make it automated.

We are talking real-time production information that automatically cycles through your stations, all customizable by you. Live Production now has the ability to be turned into a carousel. You can connect monitors to Live Production so that it cycles through all information without the need to scroll!

See production in real-time
But wait..... There's more!

Originally Live Production was made to be a tool for Leads or Supervisors to control their work area. Problem was that so many of our customers wanted to give all staff access to this feature, but they didn't want them to have the ability to modify the schedule.
Live Production Settings
Now as you modify your Users in Admin, you will have the choice of giving refined access to Live Production. Simply select Read Only if you don't want the user to have the ability to change or add production orders. Selecting Pagination is great for Work Areas that have many stations, and it will break them into pages to allow users to flip through a reduced selection of data. Then lastly, by turning on Carouseling this user will automatically have the pages cycle through - making it perfect for accounts used for display.

Stay tuned for even more exciting features, as there are many in the production queue here at Scout Systems! As always, check us out on LinkedIn for minor updates and news.

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