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Imagine you are a relatively new employee, and the product you are building requires the use of a chemical pre-treatment. As you open the container it slips from your hands, crashing to the floor. What do you do?

You might be quick to say things like, “we trained for that in orientation” or “the chemical codes on the side of the container explain what to do”.

That might be correct, but what if the operator is unsure?

Now it's easy to find!

Rather than have a room with a filing cabinet full of supplementary material to dig through, imagine if your operators could press a single button to get access to only relevant material associated to the work instruction they have open. That is exactly what we had in mind when we created the new Media Library.

Whether it is MSDS records, test procedures, engineering schematics, supplementary instructions, or something totally random, you can now pin it to your work instructions.

There are 2 different locations in the Work Instruction Designer where you can access this new ability: Global to the Work Area, or Local to the Station Type.

To make sense of this let’s assume that your Work Area has 3 different station types: Kitting, Assembly, and Packaging. Of course if you are familiar with how our work instruction platform works, I am describing essentially the families of workstations you have, not each individual workstation.

Global Media Library

What we would call the “Global” would be any station type would have access to this content, meaning any Kitting, Assembly, or Packaging workstation would have the material in their Media Library. To access this, you will find it in the top right section of Designer (in between Publishing and Resize).
Work Instruction Global Media Library
Recommended content would be more generic material, such as MSDS or possibly images of common defects to help your staff be more vigilant in detecting problems.

Local Media Library

The “Local” material would be specific to a single station type. For example, let’s say your Assembly workstations have test equipment that have to go through a calibration process once an hour. This would be content unnecessary for your Kitting or Packaging workstations, and would be best Local. To access this, you will find it just to the right of Attributes (in the “ADD” button).
Work Instruction Local Media Library

So much more to see

Scout Systems published so many new features in this recent release, specifically Video and Picture-in-Picture, as well as Photo Editing. If you are looking to maximize your work instructions, give those a quick read and get to work!


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