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Enhance Your Visuals

Enhance Your Visuals

Software Updates   /   Jun 25th, 2019   /  A+ | a-
If you are considering or have already implemented work instruction software you clearly recognize the benefits of standardizing your process. A common discussion I have heard is, “what is better, pictures or videos?” 

But in all serious, let’s dig into how you can use this to improve your process further.

Get the most out of your Work Instruction Software

I have been an advocate against using videos in work instructions my entire career, as they force a tempo. My reasoning was always: Imagine the video work instruction is 45 seconds, and the operator can do the task in 35, I HATE the idea that they have to slow down for no reason. 

So why am I excited to unveil a new feature Scout Systems is offering? Because we did so in a way that my concern is eliminated!

What we did was include a new Picture-in-Picture capability (or PIP, for short). What has me so excited about this is that you can provide a static image as your main instruction, and provide a supplementary video as your PIP. 

So let’s consider my previous example, if my operator can do the task in 35 seconds, there is no need for them to watch the video. However, if there is a more novice operator at the station who needs more assistance, they can simply press on the PIP to launch a video showing a senior operator’s technique.

But wait, there's more!

We are always adding more to our work instruction software, and this deployment is no exception. The new Media Library is a great way to keep your engineering prints, MSDS records, or other supplemental information organized for your operators. For those in need of more sophisticated work instructions, we have added a whole drawing suite to give you even more to document with!

We take customer feedback very seriously at Scout Systems. If there is ever something you wish we offered, send us an email or give us a call. Stay tuned for more updates, we are gearing up to make a massive unveiling that should blow your mind! Target release is September of 2019.

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