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Discover Waste In Your Process

Discover Waste In Your Process

Software Updates   /   Mar 5th, 2019   /  A+ | a-

Adding Capabilities in Reporting

The Scout Systems Reporting application is full of reports that automatically give you a clearer focus of the data being collected from your stations. We're constantly making them better! We believe we've done that yet again with the following updates and new features.

Root Cause Drill-down

We recently unveiled the ability to see root cause reasons for pause. Your operators hit pause - we know this - but now you can actually click into our Pareto chart and dig deeper into the reasons they've selected.
If we click on this custom reason for pause (Bathroom Break), we jump immediately to a new Pareto chart showing us exactly what the Operator chose as their reasons for the break. 
If you need to jump back to the original chart, click the Go Back button and you can toggle back and forth to drill down into your custom reasons for pause. 

Job Group Reporting

For those customers who have enabled the Job Group Number feature for tracking work orders, we've now given you a way to see all of the Work Order data associated with the Job Group Number. Go to Reporting > Work Order Overview report. You can now see that the search field includes the ability to search by Job Group Number OR by Work Order. Job Group will always take precedence if it exists. We'll be making this feature even more robust in the near future so keep an eye out!
Group Manufacturing Jobs
The results you see are tailored to the search automatically. Try it out and let us know what you think!


Job Details Charts

Have you ever wanted to re-visit the unit-by-unit charts available in Live Production when a job is running or recently completed? They look like this - 
Manufacturing Cycle Times
Now you can! Take a look at either the Station- or Operator- Production History reports and for any job that had step-by-step instructions you'll see a new chart icon. Click this and you'll re-open the Job Details Chart for that job. 
We're always adding new features. This HQ v3.3.0 update includes a heavy focus on Reporting upgrades. If you ever feel there is a need for something in our suite of applications, please don't hesitate to let us know. 

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