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Measuring OEE

Measuring OEE

Software Updates   /   Jun 19th, 2019   /  A+ | a-

More Station Data!

We're excited to announce that we've added TWO brand new reports to our Reporting application. Both are focused on Station data - one for showing your hour-by-hour product yield, and another giving you a powerful look at your station's overall effectiveness.

Overall Station Effectiveness (OSE)

Scout Systems has put our own spin on the age-old OEE report. No longer are you limited by the equipment in your you have the power to understand the blend of product yield, operator productivity, and equipment effectiveness at each station. This we call Overall Station Effectiveness (OSE).
Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE
On the left you see the OSE score for an entire work area, or a combination of stations. You're able to see a breakdown of your Quality, Performance, and Availability in total.
OEE Graph
And on the right we break it down by each station selected in your search. This gives you a direct comparison of the overall effectiveness of each station over a period of time. 
OSE Report
Impressively, our system knows to automatically adjust your Planned Production Hours to account for company-wide scheduled breaks. This has a direct impact on Availability scores at every station. However, as always, we put the power back in your hands by giving you the ability to over-ride this value in the search bar as you see fit. 

How Many Units Did I Make?

Our other new report is called Hourly Yield. This report gives you an hour-by-hour break down of the Units you're producing - good and bad - while giving you both flat and rolling averages over time.
This chart allows you to zoom into any date range and time - check just one shift against the daily average, or compare stations. Under the chart we provide you with table data giving you the Units produced, Units scrapped, as well as the Operators working at the station and any Defect reasons submitted. 

Always Improving

Just as our work instruction software is always improving, we built these reports with "continual improvement" in mind. The OSE and Hourly Yield reports are designed to give you a deeper dive into your data. There is no additional programming or changes to your process needed. 

If there's something missing, or you feel you need a more in depth conversation with our team about how to effectively use these reports, please reach out right away. 
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