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Group Operators and Work Stations

Group Operators and Work Stations

Software Updates   /   Feb 12th, 2019   /  A+ | a-

More Tracking, More Filtering!

Our latest deployment definitely has a theme - we're introducing the ability to "group" your jobs and your users. Our amazing team has been hard at work updating the way you can track and filter your production data. And we've sprinkled in a few other features as well. Take a look!

The "Job Group Number" Feature

As you well know, when a job is created for an operator at a Compass station, the three main aspects of that job are "Work Order", "Unit Name", and "Quantity". We're introducing a fourth field called "Job Group Number". You can add this by going to your Settings in HQ Admin and toggling this optional field.
manufacturing data collection with groups
Think of this feature like a "tag" that follows any work order. If you have a handful of work orders that are all for say one customer or one bigger job for example, you can tag each of them with the "Job Group Number" as a means to collect them all under one job group. Now when your Operators go to load in a job (or you add a job from Live Production) you'll see a Job Group Number field appear.
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User Groups

Something else that our customers have been asking for is the ability to filter Users by custom tags. So we've introduced User Groups to the "Edit User" page of HQ Admin. 
digital work instructions
Now you can assign your Operators to specific shifts or groups. You create the custom tag, and our system will automatically allow you to filter users by this label in Reporting.
electronic work instructions

Reminder: Maintenance Application

You'll probably remember that we introduced a new Application in our last major deployment - Maintenance. For those customers with this feature turned on (or those thinking about doing so soon!) you'll now see that Technicians have a contact preference feature in their User profile. 

We've also updated some of the language translations (particularly around Spanish) in the user experience for Operators. 

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