Electronic Work Instructions

Digital Work Instructions for Manufacturing

Work instructions are a must-have for manufacturers to properly train and ensure high quality, but they can be tedious to document. Every operator has a different set of experience and skill, because of this each person has a unique way of building a product. Standardizing a single process is the best way to achieve high quality, reduce labor, and increase productivity. In the HQ suite Scout Systems created a Designer application that makes documenting work instructions incredibly simple, yet profoundly powerful. Not only are individual method sheets quick to document, they can be duplicated, re-arranged, synced with tools and instantly published. Unlike paper based work instructions that can be photocopied or lost, digital work instructions eliminate revision control concerns.

Achieving a Standard Process

In the paper world documented methods can be debated; this leads to frequent change requests. Those in charge of documenting then juggle the on-going task of satisfying the operators and engineers. The best method is that which provides the highest speed at the desired level of quality, a difficult metric to measure without the assistance of technology. Digital work instructions solves that problem. With one platform Scout Systems provides your operators clear access to method sheets, as well as record the content needed to review your process and select what is best for your company.

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, and there is always room to improve. With this technology you can monitor your progress and set achievable production goals with your team. Not only will your staff be able to be closely studied, but your equipment too! Our machine monitoring hardware allows you to track your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Standard Work Done in Manufacturing

Standardizing doesn’t happen overnight

Most manufacturers hesitate standardizing their process in fear of the amount of work it will take and cannot afford distracting their staff. Scout Systems is very much aware of this, and designed its software to help manufacturers ease into the digital era. Without a single instruction created, manufacturers can still record setup, production, and non-value added time. In fact, Scout Systems recommends that new customers delay creating instructions for the first few months to help change the culture. Start simple and just collect manufacturing data, then begin to improve your processes based on priority.

Those responsible to handle all documentation have to carefully compress both images and text in order to create an appropriately sized method sheet. All of these concerns are eliminated when switching to digital.

Digital work instructions are fast and easy to make, revision control is done automatically, and there is no limit to the content used. With Scout System’s digital work instructions you will be able to reduce labor and improve quality, because once you get away from paper you unlock a whole new world of benefits.

Perks of Digital Work Instructions

If increased quality and reduced labor aren’t already sweet enough, here are a few more features to help convince you to make the switch!


Language Translation

Operators can select their native language and all work instructions will automatically be translated.

Manufacturing Defect Warning

Dynamic Warnings

Digital work instructions allow you to place the warning specifically at the step of concern, as well as set how frequently they appear.

Manufacturing Communication Tools

Improved Communication

If operators are running into complications, they can simply press a pause button and have the ability to request assistance.

Manufacturing Data Collection

Data Collection

Digital work instructions have the ability to record production data including your non-value added work.