Equipment Effectiveness measured by Tracker and Proximity Sensors

Equipment Monitoring Hardware

Collecting the right kind of data from your facility requires complementary hardware. These components provide a near universal solution for tracking, sensing, and ultimately verifying that you are gathering accurate information from both your operator’s standard work process as well as your equally valuable machinery.

Unleash Tracker

The hardware component Tracker is a near-universal signal interpreter designed to give you the power to listen to tools and jigs, measure analog proximity sensor outputs, and communicate signals back to the web applications.

Tracker unlocks all of the advanced features found in Compass without requiring custom programming. It gives you the power to monitor equipment, detect operator presence, and collect truly useful data surrounding your standard process.

Equipment Monitoring Hardware

Proximity Sensors

These small, out-of-the-way analog sensors are designed to quickly plug into the Tracker, giving you the ability to create a monitored work zone.

Digital Work Instructions tracking operator location

Customized range

Proximity sensors use infrared beams with an adjustable working range. They can be linked together (up to 3 per analog input).

Digital Work Instructions tracking operator presence

Operator presence

Sensors can be placed throughout the work station, using minimal wiring, in order to triangulate a zone for monitoring operator presence.

Tracker: Quick Specs

This sleek near-universal signal interpreter contains a custom PCB with plug-and-play inputs in a compact, aluminum cabinet enclosure.

Tracker with USB port, PnP/NpN digital pins, analog inputs, and continuity (digital) pins

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