Upgrade your existing work cells to instruct operators how to setup and follow a standard process while capturing production data.

Increase Plant Capacity

Monitoring interaction between operator and equipment gives you the tools to uncover opportunities to boost your facility’s production capacity.

Decrease Defects

Decrease Defects

Enforce standard work with statistically proven methods. Know problems your operators face, and when they break process.

Increase Productivity

Increase Productivity

Discover non-value-adding work in your process, isolate it to units, operators, or equipment. Know where to invest in improvements.

Digital Training Software

Shorten Training Time

Automate training with interactive work instructions. Quickly identify good workers and monitor progress — all with minimal management.

Standardize With HQ

The HQ application suite gives you the power to create unit-specific digital work instructions, peer into your facility’s live production statistics, and generate real-time, relevant reporting from anywhere in the world.

You now have the ability to standardize your production process, verify current work order status, and accurately measure your operators and equipment effectiveness. Unlock your hidden data with the Live Production, Designer, and Reporting applications.

HQ Manufacturing Software
Compass Interactive Work Instruction Software


Improve quality and productivity with work instruction software. Designed to engage and stimulate operators.


Make any machine smart, even those without computers. Finally, the ability to track all equipment effectiveness.

Tracker Machine Monitoring

This is the most useful tool I have been introduced to in my 37 years of manufacturing experience.

Greg Nelson, Northwest Automatics Inc.

What We Deliver

Manufacturing needs tools to better compete in the global economy. We’re giving you the means to live-monitor your machines and operators from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are looking to streamline new product deployment, improve quality efforts, or decrease non-value-adding work, our work instruction software and machine monitoring hardware have been designed for all facility types. We’re giving you solutions — from specific operational alert triggers to interactive work instructions — to modernize how you collect and use production data. Learn more about Scout Systems

We’re constantly adding new features to the Compass and HQ application suite.

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